How to Write a Resume for the Position of Business Development Manager

Federico Shephard
4 min readMay 26, 2022


Federico Shephard asserts that a business development manager works for a company and is thus often referred to as a “business development professional.” A business development specialist performs a variety of tasks, including investigating new accounts and chasing leads that might result in a successful deal. In addition, the position demands a comprehensive awareness of the company’s target markets and communication with sales and design teams. A manager of business development must be familiar with the company’s goods and services, as well as the industry’s competitors. As a result, a typical BDM will also keep ahead of current business trends and comprehend the competitors in their market.

Are you looking to become a business development manager? Start with profession research. Then, you should begin applying for jobs that interest you. Think about whether you would rather work on new initiatives or for a firm you like. Additionally, interviewing abilities may be improved. You may prepare for a job interview by rehearsing your responses to behavioral questions and by asking smart questions. Consider participating in an interview before applying for a job if you have never performed one before. Consider seeking a certification in business development if the role is hard.

Obtaining a position as a business development manager needs extensive technical knowledge. This role needs familiarity with marketing automation technologies, collaboration software, and communication tools. These talents and your credentials should be highlighted on a business development manager’s resume. If you’re unsure of how to create a business development manager resume, these examples can help you stand out from the competition. Then, include them into your CV.

A business development manager has several jobs and responsibilities. This individual serves as the first point of contact for potential customers. They reply to requests for proposals and grow sales in new territories. Their job description is fairly comprehensive and diverse. Federico Shephard argues that if you have marketing or sales expertise, this job may be suitable for you. You may also learn more about the responsibilities of a business development manager by reading the description of this profession provided below. Take the time to read more about the job description for business development manager, since it is crucial.

These responsibilities often appear on the resume of a senior business development manager. They examine the factors that influence consumer behavior, brand recognition, and service experience, and build new connections. Additionally, they facilitate community outreach and handle extensive RFP replies. In addition to these tasks, a senior business development manager’s resume will emphasize the candidate’s ability to establish and build connections with important decision makers. In addition, a full understanding of the financial and operational elements of the position is required.

A manager of business development may be required to travel for business meetings. The position entails meeting targets and deadlines effectively. In addition to fulfilling deadlines, a manager of business development must possess great interpersonal skills and a solid grasp of business fundamentals. Applicants must be capable of prioritizing duties and working efficiently under pressure. They must have the ability to operate under pressure and a high degree of energy. A manager of business development must be creative and able to recognize new business prospects.

The importance of a BDM to the development and success of a business cannot be overstated. A BDM must have a comprehensive understanding of the target market and a pulse on the competition in order to be successful. A BDM is responsible for providing the organization with the most up-to-date information on market trends and strategic advice for future success. In addition, they must cultivate existing connections and seek methods to boost the customer’s lifetime value. Moreover, they must possess exceptional communication and interpersonal abilities.

Federico Shephard underlined that a business development manager’s duties may cover many departments or sectors, depending on the firm. The position demands in-depth familiarity with the key functions and departments, as well as the different forms of communication. The successful use of communication skills will establish rapport, instill trust, and encourage people to act. In addition to great communication abilities, a business development manager must possess solid soft skills and be adept at customer service and connection building.

Experience as a manager of business development is preferred, but not needed. Applicants may get the essential expertise via a college degree, an apprenticeship, or direct employment. As they will be accountable for their team, a business development manager must have a minimum of five years of sales experience. Additionally, candidates should have a thorough grasp of the sector as well as strong communication and leadership abilities. Additionally, customer-facing experience is advantageous. They are able to connect with prospects more quickly and display a will to succeed.



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